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Originally Posted by unclecameron View Post
on a Debian machine with a gui and vnc on the same subnet trying to connect to I get a connection refused, though I can vnc/rdp using this same client to several other boxes on the subnet, do I need to install any other app on the KVM box? The KVM box doesn't have a gui.
Is there a firewall on the host? What's the output of
iptables -L

Originally Posted by unclecameron View Post
If I can't get this to work, can I do the same thing in virtualbox, and is virtualbox performance similar to KVM? Most of the time I don't use gui's at all, that's a real disadvantage for server admin, which is why I used xen until it got pulled from the kernel in Squeeze
Yes, you can do this with vBoxheadless (see the tutorials on this site), but you still need a remote desktop connection. I can't say much about the performance, but I guess KVM should be more performant since it's an official part of the kernel.
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