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Angry Real Awstats Required please :)

Ive asked this question a year back and still no result, sorry to say.

Awstats in ISPConfig is not right, its supposed to work on the fly or done via Cron each day yes. Its not suppose to generate .html files, and all options are supposed to be on the left providing real information for the enduser.

What we have at the moment seems to be somekind of cowboy job, yes i agree i cannot do better myself, but we need the proper thing.

ISPConfig 2.2.35 comes with it as standard and when it works the way it should do, it provides a more in depth result/s than Webalizer. It should also have a button to update stats so you can see results by the second or set a cron to update by time.

Basically what we have is crap...Come on you programmers, we want the proper package the way it should really work, options on the left, drop down box for dates & years...

IP`s which can be resolved properly, Country listings by name etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

Come on peeps, sort it out and stop being cowboys about this, its a bloody simple program to use, but as im a noob with Linux i cannot perfect the way it SHOULD work, only on a Windows Server have i ever had it operate properly, and every bit of information was correctly displayed.

Sorry to be a moaner lol
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