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Default Okay..I do have a few questions though.

Originally Posted by falko View Post
Ok, that seems to be the problem - your MX record is pointing to, but there's no A record for Please create one.
On which server are you asking I create the A record? srv1 and srv2 are identical but where I may be going wrong is in the DNS settings.

Let me tell you what I do and then you tell me what I am doing right/wrong:
I purchased a techy name domain..say, and then add A records to such as
SRV1-points to my dsl router
SRV2-points to my other dsl router

Next, I create a centos server with ispconfig2. Then I go to the DNS tab and create a "Master" dns which is and then I click "record" tab and add, srv1 with ip of my dsl router. I do the same for srv2.

Last, each domain I add to the server I check "dns" and then move to the DNS tab and change the domain to my public IP of the router.

What do you think? Plus, which server do you want me to add an A record to..based on what i just told you?

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