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Hi Falko:

ok, this is the complete escenary:

need to get rid of 4 PCs, they work as a server. I have just one equipment with the capacity of virtualize all the services that runs on those PCs and I need/required 4 Nics, because I have:

Network gw:, 1 IP public, 1 local, 1 wireless network
Antispam: 1 ip Public
Monitoring: 1 ip public, 1 local
Vpn server: 1 ip public, 1 local, 1 wireless network

I want to connect one Network Interrace to the the public IP segment, and use that one in all the VM that requires a public IP, and so on with the other interfaces.

Is There a way to do this with VirtualBox, what do you recommend ?

Thanks in advance.

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