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Default That is only way for emails to work...ISP Blocks port 25

Originally Posted by falko View Post
relayhost = []:587
Could this be the problem? Does it work without that line?

My isp blocks port 25 so i used the "email relay" howto you have provided. the name (i am sure you know this but for the sake of others) is only a made up name for this request. I don't use real ip or names if i can help it

If i remove that line my thinking is that nothing will work. At least at this point the only thing that doesn't work is roundcube receiving emails. I can send out from roundcube and from my website created from ispconfig2.

What is not OutOfBox from your tutorial is I have upgraded to php5.3 and i added tidy, memcache, ioncube and a few other items but none that would cause this i don't think but other than that i just don't know. My knowledge is little so does roundcube use imap or postfix, dovecot..or what? I do want to thank you for the help.....


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