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Default ISPConfig 2.2.35 .htaccess issue.

I spent the weekend reloading a webserver to try out ISPConfig. Everything was working before, I just wanted to make adding additional sites easier.

I am having the .htaccess issue however. All the sites I design I use redirect 404 to index, and NEED this to be the case.

This was easy to complete before as I added new vhosts.

Here is what I have tried to get this to work.
I added AllowOveride All to /etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf EDIT: Sorry this should read /etc/apache2/apache2.conf

I added them to ISP vhosts individually.

I added them from the ISP control panel to each site, I verified this went to the ISP Vhosts file as well.

I am running Ubuntu Server 9.10, installed using the steps here for perfect server and ISPConfig 2.2.35

I am thinking the next step is to manually point the default in ispconf Vhosts file from /error/fileNotFound.html to index.php hopefully that will get it working, and I will do that for each site needed. Edit2: This didn't work either. I put in the full path to the index file.

If anyone has found a way to get this working globally please explain it here as reading through this thread it keeps jumping from one users problem to the next without any solutions being posted. If I fix this on my own, or am given a solution that works I will make sure and acknowledge what worked so that future people finding this thread will have a working answer to the question.

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