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hello falko,

i did another blacklist test for my static ip address, but get the same outputs (shown below) as those for the previous dynamic ip address (the one before i applied for a static ip address). so, there is no improvement when changing to static ip address from dynamic ip address. any idea?

blacklist: blacklist

We notice you are on a blacklist. Click here for some suggestions

Checking against 104 known blacklists...
Listed 2 times with 4 timeouts.
Blacklist Status Reason TTL ResponseTime
NOMOREFUNN LISTED Dynamic IP or generic rDNS. Use your ISPs mail service, or whitelist at: Detail 1159963186 #
Return codes were: 2100 889
UCEPROTECTL3 LISTED Your ISP NZTELECOM Netgate/AS4771 is UCEPROTECT-Level3 listed for hosting a total of 3399 abusers. See: Detail
Return codes were: 2100 889
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