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Default Need help with DNS and multiple site on single IP

Hi Everyone,
First of all this is my first time setting up a webserver to host multiple sites with one single IP. I have successfully install ISPconfig3 on Centos5.4 by following the guides.
*Requirements: I need to setup the following.
A web hosting server that able to hosting multiple sites on one ip.
I got my main website working which is and the dns is handle by my colocation company.

One ESXi Server:
Centos5.4 64bits with ISPconfig3 setup.
Server with one Static IP assign by registrar and dns is handled by dns from colocation company.

The question is now:
I want to setup more sites on this same ip but for the dns stuff how do i config?
Option 1:
Do I need to setup another server for DNS server? Or myDNS can takecare of it on the current server IP? How do i config the dns?
Option 2: (which i don't want to do)
How do i configure the zone file on my colocation dns to accept multiple host on one IP?

I am new at this and if this is already post please direct me to the right post as I spend hours google and searching for a setup direction but no luck so far.

Thanks in advance,

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