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Default ISPConfig on Apache and public server on Jetty

I am going from ISPConfig 2 to 3 on a new Fedora 12 server. My sites host mainly ColdFusion applications, but I still want the features Apache has given me in the past. I'm not too familiar with Jetty so I can't give any comparisons.

On my server with ISPConfig 2, I am actually running Adobe ColdFusion 8 and it came with a connector to work with Apache. Now that I am using Railo as my CFML engine rather than Adobe, there seems to not be a direct hookup to Apache.

Railo is able to be downloaded as a standalone that runs using Jetty, but I'm not sure how running a web server that ISPConfig doesn't "link" to will work as far as the virtual hosts and other stuff it configures Apache for.

I am trying to configure Apache for Tomcat because apparently you can set up Railo to use Tomcat (which is what I would rather do if I can manage to get Apache and Tomcat both started). At this point though, I am kind of stuck as to what my choices are here. I guess the easy thing would be to go back to Adobe's CFML engine that links right to Apache, but licensing a new server is out of the budget.

Any thoughts/ideas would be appreciated.
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