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Default New Install

I've just installed ISPconfig again from scratch (including a fresh install of debian) and when I try to login as to

During the install I used the "standard" option to avoid doing this "A Note On SuExec" So the install is about as exact as you can get. Also I'm only going to be working with 1 domain now to avoid any issues.

I still get the same error as posted above.

First when I login for the very first time I see the following under admin

- admin
+ [folder] [Green Pencil] Reseller
+ [folder] [Green Pencil] Clients
+ [folder] [Green Penicl] Sites

If I click the green pencils for Reseller, Clients, Sites I get
1) Reseller>
Group: Admin
Surname: Anbieter
In Folder: admin, clients, sites

2) Clients>
Group: Admin
Surname: Kunden
In Folder: admin, Resseller, sites

3) Sites>
Group: Admin
Surname: Web
In Folder: admin, Resseller, sites

What do these mean and do they effect anything when I create a new reseller? These are not folders or files I have created, just wondering if they have any effect on me creating sites and folders later on?

Also what does Ordner Bearbeiten mean?
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