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Maybe, but I am not aware of they restricting like that. It is a dedicated server.

But I found a way out by ssh tunneling the remote:8080 port to localhost:8080.

ssh -L 8080:localhost:8080 root@remote_ip
And I accessed with my browser and it works ;-)

Now, I am just stuck with how to start with adding new domains (with their own mailserver, and others). I was aware how to go about it in ISPconfig2 but ISPconfig3 seems pretty different.

Could you guide me after adding either a client and a reseller, what steps are needed to add the other services (like mailservers, dns etc.)? Couldn't find any documentation except for ISPconfig2. I searched other threads in the forum with sporadic replies not specific to what most of the users need as of below:

I want like this: the main domain should be with as mailserver and pointing to the first public IP for DNS resolution and to 2nd public IP.

The main and would be used as the pointer nameservers for other shared domains in the server. Could you guide me which are the steps taken pointwise to make this happen?

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