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Originally Posted by jmp51483 View Post
Hey thanks for the response!

I was more a bit worried about this part

./back-res: line 238: [: -gt: unary operator expected

Line 238 has to do with:

if [ "$pfs" -gt "$maxp" ] ;then

Is this rendering the space check inoperable??

Thanks for this script though, it's amazing!
It's possible to render the space check inoperable. I'm not sure why you get this message. This error happens only if one of the $pfs or $maxp is inexistent, is not a number, or is a decimal number (ex: 10.5)

I've tested this script on Ubuntu 9.04 and 9.10 and more versions of Slackware (10.2 up to 13.0) and it's working as expected, no errors.
If you can read this: and use "set" to see where the error is, post it here and I'll try to make the script better if I can.

Thank you for using this script and for providing feedback.

Edit: Can you please tell me what linux are you using? This will help me I hope to make the script better and more portable.

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