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Originally Posted by falko
So your client PC is using an internal DNS server that resolves your domains to your internal ISPConfig server?
No the client machines use my ISP's DNS and the ISPConfig uses it own DNS internally for testing purposes. However after testing at my work today as well if I go to which is the box itself, it pulls up my dummy mockup graphic for it (index.htm and the graphic resides in /var/www/). But if I go to which resolves to this same ISPConfig box, it pulls up the image as well(it's data which is seperate in this case resides in /var/www/web3/web) yet it still pulls up the index.htm file from /var/www, this I guess is partially where I'm confused. You can see from the PDF file I posted earlier where I setup on the Management portion and then later (not in the PDF file) I setup as a regualr client. This I suppose could be causing the problem as well. If you go to it will pull up the index.php page for although it doesn't load the PHP page in the conventional method, it loads it like some sort of text file, which it actually isn't. You can also verify it compared to my old host which is at to see what it looks like when it loads normally. The fact that is loading like a tet file of some sort might be the reason that the Thermalhost default webpage pulls up instead, if it can't see any data there or it's possibly looking in the wrong place I guess ISPConfig may default it back to /var/www/ for data, I don't know if it performs this functionality, but I have seen others do that type of stuff before with vHosts if it can't find the page, etc... I guess my biggest hardship in this is not knowing as much as I thought I did about DNS and still struggling with its concepts even with the guide you posted Falko, my limited knowledge of the configuration of ISPConfig itself, or me making it harder than it really is is probably another.
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