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Default ssl with certificate from


ive problems getting ssl running with those free certificates from

what i did:

at first i created a ssl certificate via ispconfig, then i tried to paste those certificate request and keyfile into the form and work with those existing keys but that didnt work.. so i didnt skip the step where i had my own certificate request and keyfile and created a new key and certificate using the startssl webpage.

so i had 4 files:

and i created with openssl req -new -key ssl.key -outsite.csr a new request file.

i pasted the contents of the .csr file an the contents of the ssl.crt file into the ispconfig control pannel and copied ca.pem and into /var/www/site/ssl
and added this 2 files via the apache directives tab as mentioned in an other post.

after waiting for ispconfig to update all sites dont load anymore, so i guess i'm doing something wrong..

i tried it a few times now and i cant create a new certificate on the site so iam stuck here :/

any help woul be appreciated
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