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Default Stops all spam regardless of settings?


I changed "Spamfilter" to "- Not enabled -" for both the domain and my private e-mailadress. After that i tried to send myself a spam message.

The server does still mark the mail as spam and does not deliver the message to my mailbox. I suspect that the server has done this always. I have never gotten a email marked with "***SPAM***"....

Whats wrong?

I did go to Spamfilter - User/Domain and removed my user there.. it removed my mail account! Its gone! :-S
Lost some ~500 emails... is this the way it should work?

I think i got the spam-thing working..

Please tell me some good settings for the normal policy.

SPAM tag level
SPAM tag2 level
SPAM kill level
SPAM dsn cutoff level
SPAM quarantine cutoff level
SPAM modifies subject
SPAM subject tag
SPAM subject tag2

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