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Originally Posted by astewart View Post
In my case, I have no problems telnetting into localhost 25, but cannot externally.

If you have a router connected make sure you have port 25 forwarded to your Servers internal IP.

If you already have that setup or don;t have a router, then your ISP is blocking port 25, as they are in my case

I have to use the 'relayhost' option in the ISP Server config. Just put your ISP's outgoing mail server there.
Ok, my domain it is in virtualserver but they say me that all ports it is not blocked.

When i had my server with router adsl all worked fine, but Telefonica in Spain wants more money for statics IP (16 per month) and this is same a robbish (atrack without pistol xDDD).

I dont understund nothing

Thank you... may be Till or Falko could help us because they are very experts.
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