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Default windows 7 - XP SP 5 ?

Originally Posted by Been Told View Post
cf I can't agree... My computer boots a lot faster on Win7 than it did on XP and it works great. No problems or errors or anything like that.
Was not really saying that it was slower than XP in boot up times etc.. yeah.. it does boot quickly because it only boots up the bare basics and still is loading once the GUI is loaded.

I was refering to the actual speed of the OS/GUI , it just "feels" slow. to me..

For example, I have 4 desktops running on one screen, with multiple programs running on each, at it still "feels" faster than Windows 7 does running just a couple of programs. Could be down to the memory imprint, memory swapping etc.. but I do have 4GB of RAM!!.. so would not have thought so..

It does look like windows 7 will be a good hit, and hopefully Vista will be like Windows ME and Windows 7 will be like XP after ME.. a very good OS for the general mass.
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