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Default your help in multiple server setup

Originally Posted by till View Post
ISPConfig 3 has already working support for multiple servers and it works fine in our test enviroments including all configurations on the local servers. I'am currently implementing the internal replication for ispconfig to make the mysql replication setup optional.
i am having trouble setting up two iispconfig servers.
could you just explain to me how to connect the second server to the first ispconfig
i mean things like: the name of the master host?
master databse?
master user?
master password?

i mean basically, the stuff that you need to connect the second computer to the master database.

i have chosen the expert part and then followed the questions.
but each time i could not connect to the master servers database.
however, without trying to make multiple servers servers work fine
with the installations.

are there any files to edit in the master ispconfg and what if any /
please has been two weeks now unable to get any answer.
i just need to get this once and then i will work on other things that the forum will benifit from.....
thanks in advance
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