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Thanks for that. Yes it was clear and did make sense. I'm sure on another occasion I will use ncftp.

I did consider the windoze option using filezilla. I didn't because... and correct me if i'm wrong (because I would like to know), My ISPConfig server is at a remote location to where I would be doing this and my bandwidth is limited and I didn't want to run an entire joomla site with media file from the 1st server, to my local machine then to the new server eating my precious bandwith. I did think of opening in filezilla 2 connection: 1 to 1st host, 1 to new host and copying the files from one to the other. That's the bit where I wasn't sure if it would cut my local machine out of the equation taking the short cut from server to server.

Anyway, the answer I came to in the end was zip the remote joomla site up using joomla pack and leaving the zip on the old server. I would then use my local machine using a terminal shell to log into my new ispconfig server, naviagate to the new site, and then use ftp to get the zip file from the old server - cutting out my local machine for sure!

Now all my sites are safely on my own ISPConfig server I can stop paying my old ISP money each month.

This was a good solution for moving joomla sites from an old ISP to ISPconfig.
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