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Originally Posted by phamels View Post
I've used it before, I liked it, works great even though it's just para-virtualization and not hardware
You can do hardware-virtualization with Xen as well:

Originally Posted by phamels View Post
but then again it was taken over by Citrix, so now it's no longer open-source. If I run into an issue which I do not succeed in solving by myself, I'll probably end up paying for support.
Another problem is that Xen is not part of the Linux kernel, and lots of distributions don't support it anymore (such as Ubuntu and Fedora)...

Originally Posted by phamels View Post
It's full hardware virtualization (yes my hardware supports this), never used it before though but I don't expect that to be an issue. It's open source so support would be widely available.
Exactly, and it's part of the Linux kernel. I've been using Xen for a long time, but if I had to decide again today, I think I'd go for KVM (or OpenVZ which is also very nice).
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