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Default how it works

thanx for the info. I didn't think about the fake reply emails. i'm still new to server management.

i've read about spamassasin that it can use RBL checks (for DNS blacklists). Can i use this, or is it on by default?
how can i add extra spam identification methods for my users?

i've read some guides about how to improve spamassasin, but ispconfig ussually saves settings for modules in some tables in mysql. is it the same for spamassasin, or can i edit the configs in /etc/spamassasin?

is there any guide on how spamassasin can be tweaked with ispconfig?
if i enter a domain (e.g. '') in spamfilter blacklist will it see it all mails from as spam? does this just mark them as spam, or does this method kill the email?

i know i'm asking alot of questions, but i just want to learn and i did not find a explanation how spamassasin and ispconfig work together.

thank you in advance,
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