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Originally Posted by padonker View Post
Dont want to start a flame war, but there are a whole lot of questions here on this forum that are unanswered, especially about the OF howto.
I too am looking for answers...
Till and I each spend at least two hours every day in this forum, trying to help people, even on weekends, and there are a few other great guys who try to do the same. This is time that is not getting paid, that we could spend with our families or friends, but no, we are trying to help other people. Of course there are unanswered threads in this forum, but it's just not possible for us to answer all questions - be it that we don't know the answer or be it that there are too many questions for us to handle. Maybe the picture would be different if only a small percentage of the people that ask questions here would also give back by answering other people's questions if they know the answer - but obviously, only very few people give back - sad, but that's the way it is. Anyway, people are trying to help other people for free, so you can't expect an answer, but you should be grateful if you get one. Period.
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