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Originally Posted by prisfeo View Post
uhmm..if you tellin that above..i think your apache httpd.conf is not located
like mine (i use Centos) cause it cannot be Ubuntu maybe
located in /usr/local/apache2 ?
you can do the following find command inside terminal:

find / -iname 'httpd.conf'

mine is located at:

and it's not empty..but it has the "AllowOverride" directive
set to "None" since are the virtual host apache config files that
tune the per-site configurations.(as said before)
if you are telling that your folder is "out of the ispc3 struct"
so when you have find the "non-empty" httpd.conf
edit it, and find lines with "AllowOverride" directive
and try to set them to "All"

and after editing do an "apachectl restart"
a try to see if it works as expected
I only seem to have one httpd.conf file, /etc/apache2/httpd.conf, and it's definitely empty.

Is this an Ubuntu quirk?

Is there another file which could do the same job?

Does it have another name in Ubuntu perhaps?

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