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uhmm..if you tellin that above..i think your apache httpd.conf is not located
like mine (i use Centos) cause it cannot be Ubuntu maybe
located in /usr/local/apache2 ?
you can do the following find command inside terminal:

find / -iname 'httpd.conf'

mine is located at:

and it's not empty..but it has the "AllowOverride" directive
set to "None" since are the virtual host apache config files that
tune the per-site configurations.(as said before)
if you are telling that your folder is "out of the ispc3 struct"
so when you have find the "non-empty" httpd.conf
edit it, and find lines with "AllowOverride" directive
and try to set them to "All"

and after editing do an "apachectl restart"
a try to see if it works as expected
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