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i update this thread since i have discovered something "wrong" (i think)
in amavisd.conf;

inside this file i saw "two" times (placed in different lines i mean)
these groups of statements:

starting at line 157:

$final_virus_destiny = D_REJECT;
$final_banned_destiny = D_REJECT;
$final_spam_destiny = D_PASS;
$final_bad_header_destiny = D_PASS;

and after,
starting at line 775:

$final_virus_destiny = D_BOUNCE;
$final_spam_destiny = D_DISCARD;
$final_banned_destiny = D_BOUNCE;
$final_bad_header_destiny = D_PASS;

(note that are all not commented)
the bad thing is that are different settings of same directives

i think i have to delete one group of them, right ?
which one ?
can be an installation/configuration bug ?

thanks in advance.

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