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Default Spamfilter policy - question about spam actions (amavisd config bug ?)

ispconfig3 on Cento5.4, all works.
i am testing antispam sending to preconfigured email accounts
some mail containing "triggers text" in order to verify/test spam actions.
i have chosen inside "Spamfilter policy" the "Normal" policy,
here it is preconfigured default settings of the "Tag Level" tab:

SPAM tag level: 3
SPAM tag2 level: 6.9
SPAM kill level: 6.9
SPAM dsn cutoff level: 0
SPAM quarantine cutoff level: 0
SPAM modifies subject: Yes
SPAM subject tag: (blank)
SPAM subject tag2: (blank)

i have noticed that sending an email with spam hits equal to "4" (created for this purpose), i can see in mail log that mail is correctly detected as SPAM,
but it's not marked (rewritten in the subject i mean) and normally delivered.
i think it's normal (pls confirm if i am right) since the SPAM subject tags
are "blank" and so there is not subject rewrite.
well, so i have modified the SPAM subject tags settings above into:
SPAM subject tag: SPAM:
SPAM subject tag2: SPAM:

now the spam email with "4" spam hits is marked in the subject with "SPAM: original subject" and delivered.

is this the right procedure in order to deliver SPAM emails, detected between the tag level 1 and 2, and mark them spam in the subject ?
other questions:
how can i do in order to not deliver SPAM emails between tag level 1 and 2 and quarantine them ?
i have to deal with "SPAM quarantine cutoff level" setting ?
what does it mean "SPAM dsn cutoff level"
it's related to "notifications" ?
mails that have spam hits > "SPAM kill level"
are quaratined & not trashed (deleted), am i right ?

thanks in advance.

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