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First, generally:
I know ISPConfig 3 sounds tempting but I would need to time to familiarize myself with it.
I also wouldn't know if upgrading from 2 to 3 is straightforward and if v3 has at least the same features than v2 and would make me (and my customers) happy.
I also dislike the fact a little bit that v3 apparently is more intrusive, i.e. where "Perfect Setup" guides needed to be followed more or less for v2, v3 tries to do those modifications itself, whereas I prefer to stay in control of the core of my system. This might be a prejudice though.
(Additionally I heard that v2 and v3 run in parallel and the presence of v3 doesn't mean the discontinuation of v2 where the development still goes toward v2.4 etc.)

Now to the subject:
I know there exist other methods, but in any case ISPConfig would need to be involved in either
- setting up iptables (to allow/block the connections)
- setting up stunnel
- configuring mysql
neither of which it currently is responsible for.
Therefore, I am hesitating with proceeding.

So long,
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