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Hi folks,

what do i have to enter in the notify-source field ?

My Domain-Provider uses 3 SLAVE-DNS-Servers with powerdns running on.
But I don`t get them running as slave like I need it.
I always get messages like "Zonetranfer unsuccessfull"

The Provider just tried to start AXFR manually and got this message:

dig AXFR

; (1 server found)
;; global options: +cmd
; Transfer failed.
How do I have to put more than just 1 secondary DNS-server in the XFER Field of ISPConfig>Zones?
Do they have to be sperated with "," or with ";" or what sign do I have to use for seperation? The german language file says "-" as seperator and the english one says ",".

I found out that the notify section is missing in my conf-file, do I have to add it too?
If yes, can I transfer the IP-Adresses I entered in ISPConfig in XFER-Field to use them as notify-IP somehow too?

Sorry for my bad english.

What I really don`t understand: if I use another (older) SLAVE Server (I guess with bind running on) than it seems to work :-(
So I thought, that the error has to be on the 3 new Nameservers of my Provider. But these new servers are there main servers and if it would be like I mentioned than 1000nds of users would be very angry. So I guess what they say is right and the error seems to be on my server / configuration :-/

My configuration file says:
allow-axfr = yes
allow-tcp = yes
allow-update = no
ignore-minimum = no
but notify-enabled = yes and notify-source are missing

So please tell me, how can I add all XFER IPs there out of the database?

thanks and best greetings
greetz Steffan

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