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Default Hosting it all...

We have been looking in to what is the best way to offer hosting/virtualisation solutions for SOHO companies and guess what? Almost none of the hosting companies we have looked at allow or have an easy way to migrate KVM/OpenVZ Virtual Machines across internet. Currently we run most of our VM's on ProxMox because it's by far the simplest and most stable platform we have tested. For live migrations and/or live backup's it's perfect. (LVM2 comes by default with ProxMox.) Most of the hosting companies who offer Debian that could be turned in to ProxMox do not roll out their Debian distros with LVM2 under the hood.

So how do you turn your hosted server in to ProxMox host (or similar) with easy virtualisation cabapility?

The easy answer is... You don't.

I intend to fix that little problem.

Sami Mattila


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