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Default Update failed, lost client information (not the files)

I was updating to the latest stable version of ispconfig2 but the update didn't completely so swell, I googled the error message (I think it was mysql-related) and got a fix and ran the whole update further but still errors with mysql. (I can't link any of these errors because I did all of this almost a week ago and just now got the time for this solving.)

The problem is now that I can start the ispconfig daemon but it acts like it's first time on. Only login that works is admin/admin and there's no clients or sites or anything, firewall rules it's all gone!
I guess the problem lies in the db_ispconfig? I have no backup of it so what to do (or does the update take a backup)? Apache and everything works fine, sites and logins are fine but just not the ispconfig part. HELP!

I can run the ispconfig update once more to see what error messages I end up if necessary...and provide any logs you may need of course.
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