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Default Problems with domain and host name ispconfig 2.1.1

i am trying your out of the box ISPconfig installation on FC4 as a server. So far i have got the server setup and is purring like a happy cat - at least i think it is.

my problem comes when i install ISPconfig. it goes through the procedures quite well until it asks for:

* mysql server: localhost - per your example. should i change it? where do i get the info from?

* mysql user: root

* mysql password: rootpassword

* ISPconfig database: ispconfigdb - per your example

* ISPconfig ip address: - as it is localhost. can i change this? do i have to setup another ip address for this? if so how?

* host name: here is a part of my problem - when i set up fc4 i set the host name as do i insert that here?

* domain: more of my problems. what do i put in here? where do i get the info?

* ISPconfig protocol: can't get here yet - if anything goes wrong here i will be in contact.

if you can help- me on this i would be very happy.
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