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Default .htaccess errors


Yes there are error messages.
If I use the .htaccess file where I commented out the some stuff I get:
..../.htaccess: options not allowed here

If I use the one(out of the box) that works in the subdirectory /magento/ I get:
..../.htaccess: PHP value not allowed here.

Unfortunatly not something like, line 20 or anything more specific.

The .htaccess file contains the following mod_rewrite option:
#Rewritebase /magento/

It is commented out by default and can be used if you want to use a different directory than the subdirectory of /magento/.
Unfortunalty I have to comment out the whole mod_rewrite part to get it to work in the root of the website in the first place.

If don't comment out anything and use the Rewritebase option it doesn't work either.
I have used the / and /web/ but no luck, even the full path from the real root does not make a difference.
Using only the RewriteBase option in the mod_rewrite part leaves me with the same errors and the log says: PHP value not allowed here

Any option left to see what is not allowed?

Rgds Edo
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