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Thank you for your quick response

Problem is that as I'm testing ispconfig admin interface the true outside ip for the domains is not available yet.

It's a little bit complicated situation because the server will run behind an isp centrex solution (service of voip and internet are merged). The provider manage the network routing tables for security reason (I know it's silly...).

So the isp solution we have allow us to route 20 ports from ip on local network server.

As we are a really little company, we only have one server that will manage all our websites. In fact I plan to create a virtual ip shared between multiple servers (but it'll be later).

That's why I wanna be sure that all will work before rerouting all dns from our registrar to our public ip because otherwise it'll break access to all our websites...

Is there really no chance to succeed testing SSL and multiple website over a local network ?

I had setup the server as dns server for my local network so it's mydns that redirect www request over local network and not the ipbx box of the isp provider. If I test phpmyadmin access or squirelmail web interface, all is working fine from all computers on local network. The other interrest I find in such setup is that it should allow to build local dns configuration.

I read over the net that it should work if I change the file /etc/httpd/sites-available/default AllowOverride None by AllowOverride All.

I have another question without answer, if I wanna use SSL, and have only one public ip, do I have to share one ssl certificat for all websites or can I have multiple certificats on one ip on ispconfig3 ?

Once more time, thank you for your help that's greatly appreciated and for the great job done with this admin interface


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