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Default LocalMailserver that want to know from the main mailserver which emails have received

Hi to everybody.
I realized a "local mailserver", that will be connected with a slow dial-up connection to a main mailserver.

To have an idea of which email the local user have received, without download it, I've realized a perl script based on the function use Net::POP3; that will create a POP3 connection to all the accounts of that particular domain and retrieve to me the sender,receiver,date,size,subject,UIDL.

Now, because of the slowness of the connection (expecially a big latency), this script will take a while to be executed.

What do you think is the best solution?

I tried running a script for every account, and it's faster... but it's look like I can not have more than 4 POP3 connections at the same time... and if for example I've an account with 100 emails and the others with 2 emails, it will be not so faster...


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