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Default Magento setup in root folder and htaccess


I'm trying to setup Magent(webshop) in the root of the website but I'm having trouble with the .htaccess file.

Reading through the forum the solution seems to be to put an apache directive like this in ISCconfig for the particular website:
<Directory /var/www/web5/web/magento/>
AllowOverride All

If I setup magento in the subdirectory ../megento/ and use the apache directive everything works ok.
But if I setup magento in the root of the website in ../web/ I get an access error.

I then of course use this as directive:
<Directory /var/www/web5/web/>
AllowOverride All

If I then tweak the .htaccess file and comment the modules mod_php5.c, mod_ssl.c and mod_rewrite.c out I do get access to the site only other access errors remain after setup(image upload for example).
I have given every file and directory 777 to be sure that is not the problem.

Looks like some kind of directoy pointer or what I should call it.

Anybody any thought or experiance with magento?
Thanks up front for any info.

Rgds Edo

ps. I tried coping and pasting the whole .htaccess file into the apache directive field but that did not work either.
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