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Wink CentOS and Fedora

I email CentOS recently asking about their developmental release. What they told me was probably and evasive answer, but it made me thinking
Dear .......

Basically, we don't have a developmental version, as we build the Source
from the upstream provider when it is released for their stable

If you want to know what will probably be rolled into our upcoming
versions then looking at what the upstream guys are doing in Fedora Core
would probably be good.

When RHEL-5 beta is released, we will have a CentOS-5 beta released
shortly thereafter based on that source code.

When we do release beta versions they will be available at:

When i told my friend (hes a computer buff too) that CentOS is %100 binary compatable... all he said was "WOW, I need to have a look at this....". All im basically seeing is that CentOS "borrows" the Fedora Code and makes it %100 binary compatable... making it EXTREMLEY easy for hardware and such to run on this linux distro... i must say i am a little dissapointed.


I dont know if it was OK to post that letter
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