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Default Problems...

Well, i have been using a vps that uses a veportal management page, i don't know what underlying software they use for virtualization. I use VMware esxi one my 1u's in my lab, i always have vmware tools installed on the vm's. I have discovered a few problems that add to the issue's. For the record if anyone that reads this doesn't know, mysql has problems using some special characters in the mysql passwords. I had a $ in my passwords which caused root@localhost acces denied, but im having tons of problems on every tutorial i've done with amavis. It seems it never wants to start up. I have used quite a few of your tutorials which are very well put together might i add. I just switched over from using microsoft 1 year ago, so i guess you could say i'm a little new but i've been into ubuntu debian suse and openbsd head deep since then. Is amavis a REQUIREMENT to use the ispconfig 3 tutorial? also the vps is amd64 hardware, and my lab servers are intel 64bit running esxi 64 bit with mostly 32bit vm's. I trust your tutorials work, it's just working out my own bugs thats a headache. Once again, Falko thank you for your support.
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