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yup its in the sql database and oe will authenticate with it when i manually add the folder's /home/vmail/ and /home/vmail/ and chown then with vmail:vmail it keeps throwing folder errors.
Without the folders it says / No such file or directory.
But if i comment out the lines for postfix to use amavis and apt-get remove amavsd-new and reboot the vps. when i send an email from an outside account it says support is an unknown user. So...I'm going to use a debian lenny installation to recreate the problem at home on one of my esxi servers at home to continue figuring out how to fix this. but so far the ONLY TUTORIAL i have got working on lenny is at but it uses standard system users and i need a sql server up that will easily support thousands of email accounts. I've tried the ispconfig 3 tutorial and many others on lenny that have all failed, a few i know now because of amavis. So i think my only option is to try etch on the vps because i need a working mail server right now. The weird thing is that with the whole setup done on lenny as you described in your tutorial it will store all the incoming messages on the mail server its just amavis wont run to let it make the folders after an email is recieved. So i want to leave this thread open to try to resolve the problem on one of my vm's so other people will know after the problem is resolved. As google returned ALOT of people with my same problem. Thx for your support falko.

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