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Default Courier, Postfix, Squirrelmail Mysql How-To

Ok, i followed this tutorial to the "T", I am not able to login to the mailboxes with squirrelmail, it says "connection dropped by imap server" I used the whole address as a login just like it said to do. I can sucessfully authenticate with outlook express but it throws an error that say's, no such file or directory. i can telnet into it remotely but when i type ehlo it just keeps showing all the 250 lines and wont let me generate a message. from what i saw on the comments on the tutorial and googling there are many other people with this problem, however i found no solutions. This is fresh work and i have not touched any config files since finishing the tutorial, so if anyone has this solution it would be greatly appreciated. This server needs to go into production in a few days so let me know. Thx -Rick
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