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Originally Posted by rudolfpietersma View Post
What's the easiest or best way to backup to an existing Windows 2003 server?

Should I do this with a mount? Or use FTP to upload the files to the server? Or are there better ways to do this? Please advise.
It's a simple answer. Let's take the two cases you provided:
  1. you have a linux server on wich you run the backup script and you mount a samba share from Windows 2003 server:
    The script gets the larger files and archives them locally on the server and consumes the bandwith twice (with the S = sparse tar argument) to read the
    files from the Windows 2003 share. So if the share is 1Gb the bandwith consumed is 2Gb and the archive can take longer to make compared to the second case.
  2. you have a linux server on wich you run the backup script and you already have uploaded the files you wish to archive, 1Gb worth of files, 1Gb bandwith used.
    The script takes less to archive files (they are accesed localy) and the bandwith consumed is 1Gb.

  • Those two cases are good if you want to keep the Windows 2003 backup on the linux server. This is good, you have data redundancy
    If the linux and Windows are on a local lan both metoths are good. If the computers are on the internet, the first case it's not so good, it consumes more resources.

P.S.: Hope this helps you! Sorry for the delay... too much work.
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