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Originally Posted by rudolfpietersma View Post
I runned the script but it hangs and gives me some errors. Can somebody tell me what they mean?


EDIT: I executed the script on another (my new) server and here no error messages.
Please read carefully the comentaries on the script. The script tries to backup the directories from the "DIRECTORIES" variable in line 100.
You do not have the /adm directoy that it's why you get the error:
/bin/tar: /adm: Cannot stat: No such file or directory
The other errors are because the file are modified by external programs when tar tries to archive them (syslog and console-kit in your case). The last errors are because the files are actually sockets, not real files. You can use the "EXCLUDED" variable, in line 102 of the script, to exclude files (sockets) or directories you do not wish to backup.

P.S.: Sorry for the delay in answer, I have been verry busy in the year end.
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