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Originally Posted by Horfic View Post
Black/Whitelist for user isn't supported yet by ISPConfig3 as I know. Although the programs can do it, but then i can't use the remote functions of ISPConfig3 and I couldn't be sure if the plugin works then for every OS(I use Debian 5).
In ISPConfig3, it appears that entries that are listed in the Spam filter User/Domain listing are compiled in a drop down box for the white/black list users. I'm not an expert, but my hunch is that if each user were listed, then they could have individual access to white/black lists.

Originally Posted by Horfic View Post
You really think the users would know what it means? I mean the default policy names are not really the best explanation.
I agree. As I mentioned, I still have a tough time understanding the settings as the administrator.

Going back to my force password change suggestion. When I used this setting in the past, it was with Squirrelmail on a different email server setup. That email server setup was a Virtual User setup using one of Falko's excellent tutorials on this site. But it was not an ISPConfig setup. There were some additional database fields that the Squirrelmail plugin referenced to determine if and when a user had to change the password. As a result, I anticipate implementing this suggestion may require some work on the ISPConfig side as well as the Roundcube plugin.
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