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Hi there, I tried to install your plugin (and roundcube, for this occasion), But I had some problems.
I've followed this howto :
Here it was quite long (but I'm just too bad ). Don't forget to put "CGI" for php in the website category in ISPconfig 3.
In this same Howto, they tell us to rename some files and that didn't work, so I let the original name. After that, I saw that the rights of my files didn't let me try roundcube, So I put all in 755.
That was for the installation of roundcube.

For your plugin, it was quite good.
I took this one :
and followed your explications :
( I didn't succeed in using svn, because it's not installed on my server... Maybe it would be better, but I don't know how it works and in which package it is... but fault is mine)

The problems I have :
- I fall on a "soap error : The login failed, username and password was wrong." when I go on "General"
- "SERVICE CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE! Error No. [524]" on the forwarding item (but I think it's normal, isn't it ?
- the same soap error for "autoreply" and "spam(indésirables in french...)"

I hope it could help you, and if the problem is mine, don't hesitate to tell me !

Thanks for this plugins.

edit : I tried this , but the problem is still there.

edit 2 : sorry for my english, I'm french .

edit 3 : if I can translate in french for you. Just tell me where to send the files I've found in "localization" folder. (If you think it can help...)

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