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Originally Posted by NeeChee View Post
This is "easily" done through querying the MySQL-Database using Soap.
Off course things are easily done several ways. But I was trying to give the developer as much information as possible to help me solve the problem in the app.

Yesterday chatted with Horfic a while and it seems that I have this problem because of the following:

I have 3 clients (id's : 1, 2 and 3)
I have 6 sys users (id's: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5)

When I use sys user with ID 5 to create a mailbox the password changing does not work any more. When I change the sys_userid field in the db to 2 it starts working.

The problem is in the following line
$update = $client->mail_user_update($session_id, $mail_user[0]['sys_userid'], $mail_user[0]['mailuser_id'], $params);
In this line of code the sys_userid is read from the mailbox properties and passed to the mail_user_update function.

In the example the following is done:
$client_id = 0;
$domain__id = $client->mail_user_update($session_id, $client_id,  $mail_user[0]['mailuser_id'], $params);
Here the set a value to the clientid. When I added this in the ispconfig3_pass file the problem was gone.

The new code is now:
$clientid = 0;
$update = $client->mail_user_update($session_id, $clientid, $mail_user[0]['mailuser_id'], $params);
And it is working.

PS. Also added this to the autoresponder and spamfilter files.


Bas Steelooper

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