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Originally Posted by flying_horse View Post
1.) Do i need to create for each local user an entry inside MYSQL so that they receive mails as well ?
No, don't add local users and their domains to the MySQL database. The database must contain only virtual users and only the domains that the virtual users use. The domains that are used by local users must be in mydestination, not in the database.

Originally Posted by flying_horse View Post
2.) would it be possible to get the BIND9 configuration for your TUTORIAL, because i guess that the will be defined in BIND, so an example config would be nice.Is it maybe required to configure BIND for mail for this scenario ?
You must configure the DNS records on the authoritative DNS servers for your domain (most likely they are run by your domain registrar). You can find them out by running
dig ns
Originally Posted by flying_horse View Post
3.) How can i add an other domain, like i've got


I've added these two domains into

mydestination =,,,, localhost, localhost.localdomain'

and into domains tbl. The users tbl contain

If you use and for virtual users, then you must remove them from mydestination. They must be in the database.
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