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There are a few ways to spider.The first, which I'll call general spidering,simply grabs a page, and searches it for whatever you're looking for for instance,a search phrase.The second, specific spidering, grabs only a certain portion of a page.This scenario is useful in cases where you might want to grab news headlines from another site.If you want to get fancy,you can build in functionality to ignore links that are within the same site.You have used ASP page.There are a few drawbacks,however. Normally,you can get around this issue by not allowing the ITC to use default values specify the values every time.Another, more serious, problem involves licensing issues.ASPs do not have the ability to invoke the license manager.The license manager checks the key in the actual component, and compares it to the one in the Windows registry.If they're not the same,the component won't work.
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