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Thanks falko for your post,but i still got the same error.

I redid the whole procedure and reinstalled everything and it looks ok right now.

But i still have some question about the local users and the users inside MYSQL.

1.) Do i need to create for each local user an entry inside MYSQL so that they receive mails as well ?

2.) would it be possible to get the BIND9 configuration for your TUTORIAL, because i guess that the will be defined in BIND, so an example config would be nice.Is it maybe required to configure BIND for mail for this scenario ?

3.) How can i add an other domain, like i've got


I've added these two domains into

mydestination =,,,, localhost, localhost.localdomain'

and into domains tbl. The users tbl contain


The transport table is empty,but i get the following error if i sent an email to

a) warning: do not list domain in BOTH mydestination and virtual_mailbox_domains
b) status=bounced (unknown user: "sales")

If i sent an email to it is successful.

If i add into transport tbl --> domain: transport: i get this error:

a) status=bounced (mail for loops back to myself)

Thanks a lot for all answers, btw i do not use QUOTA and not ISPconfig.

I wish everyone some nice christmas days and good start into 2010

Flying Horse

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