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I runned the script but it hangs and gives me some errors. Can somebody tell me what they mean?

note : The storage engine for the table doesn't support optimize
/bin/tar: /adm: Cannot stat: No such file or directory
/bin/tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
/bin/tar: /var/log/kern.log: file changed as we read it
/bin/tar: /var/log/ConsoleKit/history: file changed as we read it
/bin/tar: /var/log/syslog: file changed as we read it
/bin/tar: /var/lib/apache2/fcgid/sock/8504.0: socket ignored
/bin/tar: /var/lib/apache2/fcgid/sock/14689.0: socket ignored
/bin/tar: /var/lib/apache2/fcgid/sock/14541.0: socket ignored

EDIT: I executed the script on another (my new) server and here no error messages.

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