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Default Running Amavisd-New on Mail Server

I was wondering how many of you guys running Postfix on Arch use Amavisd-new? The reason I ask is because I followed this guide to set up my mail server on Arch & noticed the 'spamd' daemon utilizes a lot of memory (even with use child process running). I know on my old Postfix server running on CentOS, Amavisd-new was able to use Spamassasin modules with out having the daemon 'spamd' running:

The spamassassin service, which starts spamd, can be set to off as Amavisd-new doesn't actually use the spamassassin daemon (spamd) but rather loads spamassassin as a module.
The quote above is from the CentOS Wiki page. Does anyone know if this is unique to CentOS or would this also be the same scenario if I ran Amavisd-new on Arch Linux?
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