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Talking back again

I know this thread has sat dormant for a while, as has my server, but now i'm back and gonna try and get this to work.

Anyway, i got the outlook express part to work by enabling "requires secure connection" in outlook's settings.
Question One:
Is there any way to change this so it won't require a secure connection for email?

I still don't have eubimiau working properly. No matter who i login as, it just doesn't want to let me in.
Question Two:
Is there somewhere i can look and see if it is looking at the right spots on my server so it even knows who the users should be? Some sort of Eubimiau configuration file?

Also, I read on how to disable the user prefix under "management > system config> settings > isp manager". I would like to do this to tidy things up a bit for users, but i don't know if this will cause problems down the road.
Question 3:
Would this be generally bad?

I just realized i never posted this,
but when i try logging into the mail system with the Eubimiau, i get the following....

Apr 3 00:19:10 serv1 ipop3d[7520]: pop3 service init from
Apr 3 00:19:10 serv1 ipop3d[7520]: Command stream end of file while reading line user=??? host=localhost.localdomain []

Thanks in advance to any advice that can be given.
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